2 Die 2 Blow Bolt Manufacturing Machine

Bolt Manufacturing Machine

Often the industry tries to improve the Output and the Quality. However, the efficient might cause the instability of the products quality. Now, with 2 Die 2 Blow Bolt Manufacturing Machine YH-206, which is developed by WEN YANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. and exclusively distributed by CYC, it can eliminate the drawback by increasing output capacity and efficiency.

The features include:

(1) Run Cutting Off Mechanism for cutting surface.
(2) Convenient Wire Diameter Change System.
(3) Simple Operation for Cutting Die Adjustment.
(4) Two Main Dies for production and better tooling life.
(5) Juxtaposed and Independent Punch Dies for stable production process.

<Specification of 2 Die 2 Blow Bolt Manufacturing Machine>

Model Forging Station Gripper Cut-Off Dia. Max(mm) Kick-Out Length Max (mm) P.K.O. Length Max (mm) Cut-Off Quill (DxL)(mm) Main Die Hole (DxL)(mm) Dies Pitch (mm) Pitch Hole (DxL)(mm)
WY-205 2 3 5 15-55 10 φ20x30 φ38x60 48 φ32x60
WY-206 2 3 7 20-80 15 φ28x40 φ50x86 60 φ42x90
WY-206L 2 3 7 28-105 15 φ28x40 φ50x105 60 φ42x115
Model Ram Stroke (mm) Forging Power (ton) Product Size Product Max.L(mm) Product Min.L(mm) Product Open Upset Dia (mm) Max. Output (PSC/MIN) Main Motor (hp) Approx.WT (kg)
WY-205 100 12 3/16(M4) 40 10 12.5 300 7.5 N/A
WY-206 120 25 1/4(M6) 50 12 15 300 10 5,545
WY-206L 160 25 1/4(M6) 75 20 20 240 10 N/A

<Feature of 2 Die 2 Blow Bolt Manufacturing Machine>

Round Cutting Off Mechanism to ensure the cutting surface of the wire is neat. Also with the active cutter, when the wire diameter is different, only need to change tungsten steel.
The cutting die is installed in the die holder, which can be easy adjusted back forth to ensure the cutting gap and cutting quality.
There is one more main die than one die two blow heading machine, because one more process is needed to produce products with a right-angled shoulder.
The two punch dies are juxtaposed and independent, easy to adjust, and the two punch dies move horizontally without up and down movement, so the machine is very stable during high-speed production.
The production pressure is distributed to two main dies during screw pressing to extend tooling life.

<Standard Equipment of 2 Die 2 Blow Bolt Manufacturing Machine>

Air Clutch Brake System
3 Sets of Gripper
Air Brake System
Full Cover
Manual Pulse Generator
Speed Display, Wire Short Feed, End of Material, Insufficient Lubricating Oil and Insufficient Air Pressure Detection.
3 sets of gripper of Bolt Manufacturing Machine

<3 Sets of Gripper>

Air Clutch Brake System of Bolt Manufacturing Machine

<Air Clutch Brake System>

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