Open Die Header

Open Die Header can form the product with high deformation load or massive dimensions. It procedures of forging a metal piece or material. Heated metal between a top and bottom die is formed by using force. The term open die comes from the work piece not being enclosed.

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Open Die Header

Max. Wire Ø Max. Blank Length (mm) Punch Hole (mm) Feeding Mechanism Production Rate (pcs/min) Auto Feeding Length (mm) Main Drive Motor (hp) Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) Weight (kgs)
3-5 25-75 31x75 Feeding Vibrator (Single Direction, A,B or C type depends on the actual product) 50-90 25-75 3 1895x1120x1670 2100
4-6 25-200 38x120 30-55 25-150 5 2870x1280x2170 4000
6-8 25-250 42x120 20-50 25-150 7.5 3150x1550x2190 6800
6-10 25-350 54x170 15-35 25-200 25 4450x1965x2650 15000
8-16 25-400 74x200 15-25 25-200 40 6000x2480x3550 33000

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