Bolt Pointer Machine HC-P14

Often the industry either processes bolt point using lathes or has the points forming chamfers inside a die. However, the lathe method is very inefficient, and the drawback with the die method is with limited chamfer angles for point forming and reduced die life. Now, with HC-P14, which is developed by Hai-Chiuan Machinery(HC) and exclusively distributed by CYC, it can eliminate the drawback by increasing capacity, efficiency and flexibility.

The features include:

(1) Processing screws in 3-15mm diameters and 12-150mm lengths
(2) Coping with various special bolt shapes(3) Quick tool change
(4) Stable control powered by servomotors
(5) Much lower price compared to European models


Standard Equipment Specification Remark
Machine Capacity Ø3mm~Ø15mm∕
Production Speed (pcs/min) 0~150 PIECES
Spindle Travel Axis/
Cutting Travel Axis
15/5 (20/10)
Spindle Speed (rpm) 1,000~6,000
Spindle Motor(Servo) 7.5HP (5.5KW)
Cutting Tool Pointing, Chamfering and Facing
Cutting Holder/Drilling Spindle Holder
Standard Accessory Vibrating Feeder
Chip Conveyor Chain Type
Machine Size L 230xW 2100xH 2050mm/
Weight (1800kg)


- Powered by Servo Motors for production stability

Inverter Control VFD-CH2000 (Delta)

Feeding Servo 2.0KW (Delta)

Jig Servo 2.0KW (Delta)

Main Spindle AC Induction Servo Motor 5.5KW (FUKUTA)

- Quick Change Tools

  • Jig Exchangeable:
    1. Modularization with Quick-Change Option
    2. Higher Accuracy

Benchmark Mold

Press Plate

Bolts Head Confine

Feeding Pusher

- Tool Set Variety

Special tool holder for ISO inserts.Wide application for various type of bolts/screws end cutting requirements

Chamfering + Facing

- 10.1” HMI Control

Complete Production Record.
Daily Production, Batch Production, Tool Life records.

Cutting process programs can be stored in the database.
Easy recall for different cutting process.

- Sychorinzed Lubrication System

<Spindle Micro-Lubrication>

Ensure high speed & longer spindle life.

<Auto Lubrication System>

Programmable time operation.


  1. Reduce the cleaning process.
  2. High cooling & lubrication efficiency.
  3. Improves Tooling Life.

- LAN Output for Data Transfer

- Scrap Conveyor

Chain Type Conveyor
Effective removal on small and thin scraps